Monday, July 16, 2007

Why can't I be superman?

Injuries everywhere.

The athlete's ultimate conundrum.

How much to push? When to stop?

Those who dare not challenge themselves beyond the point of logic, the point of pain, will never know new heights.

But sometimes the consequences are too heavy.

My last leg of training has left me with two injured elbow ligaments, two injured wrist ligaments, one injured shoulder ligament.

It seems that this is far as I can climb for now. As much as it frustrates me, because I want to climb higher in this aspect, I know that if I continue any further with the program, things may pass the point that it did so many years ago for my knee.

So yeah, the next leg of training is to ensue again. I just hope that nothing else goes wrong. Recently the new technique of running that I had to adapt due to the knee problem produces some interesting sensations in my forefeet if I pass a certain speed.

It literally feels like my forefeet are on fire.

Well, burning feet is better than a knee that gives way on you anyway. Interestingly, my feet seem to be adapting somehow by developing a protecting extra layer of skin over that area. Sounds sick, but what the heck.

It just sucks because trying to train to reach decent speeds with this technique is taking too damn long.

Super heroes with healing abilities or invulnerability must be pansies.

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