Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rain rain

I love the coolness of the rain. I love staying at home in the rain, canoeing in the rain, dragonboating in the rain. I've rowed to the Merlion and back to sdba in the rain.

But I hate running in the rain. The roads get slippery, and turning around corners can get messy.

Today when I finally finished the arrangement concept for scene 4 of the act3 musical and wanted to go for a run... it rained.

So I thought I can always run later.

Then just now when I went down to run, once I stepped foot on the road, it started drizzling.


Did a short run in the end, running home when the rain got too heavy. Legs still hurt from friday's training, so I was looking forward to a nice long run to warm everything up nicely.

The latest installation of the Ghost Recon series, Advanced Warfighter is quite a sight to behold. Nowadays game companies are working so hard on their light mapping, polygons, mocap, textures, etc etc, making games look closer and closer to reality.

I was following one of my men around with the cross-cam to issue orders, we were running from one point of cover to the next, stray bullets flying around, hitting the dry ground, sand and dust clouds kicked up everywhere, the sound of ricocheted bullets next to us. One of the guys suddenly yelled "Take cover" and everyone started to dart in separate directions in unison. A missile screamed through the air, slamming into one of the guys, the explosion was so close that the ground shook and I was temporarily blinded.

The dust settled, and the one hit by the missile was lying on the ground, asking for help. Oh, he just had red health. Wtf?

These guys can take a direct hit from a missile and still live. I wanna be a ghost recon trooper too.

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