Monday, September 10, 2007

battle stations

Just got a sweet top from adidas among some other things while shopping with Hong today.

Pretty impressive how they managed to combine several synthetic polymerized materials like that. The result is very futuristic and sleek. Quite possibly the future of clothing because it dries ridiculously fast, doesn't need to be ironed, yet due to the uneven tension in material elasticity, limiting conformation around the human body produces some very aesthetically pleasing designs.

The price sucks though... 4-5 times the price of similar classed tops by other leading sports brands.

I've spent over 5 hours on facebook today thanks to the new battle stations game. It really is quite addictive. Shit. As if facebook alone wasn't bad enough already. Proud to say the guys at Tyler are responsible for it, and am proud to be part of the team, even if not for this project XD. TY WHY IS THERE NO MUSIC FOR THE GAME?!

Anyway its like the first flash game for facebook. The graphics rocks, the gameplay rocks, its almost as good as dota.

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