Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More idiotic people.

You know those people, you're standing right infront of the mrt train doors waiting to go in because no one is coming out, in which case you'd be standing at the side to let them out. So there you are, and this moron comes just cuts infront of you right before the door opens then takes his time walking in like he owns the whole Sharyo.

Such evil doers must be stopped. Stopped from spreading their idiocy wherever to go.

They need a reality check.

In the form of me moving forward slowly while grounding.

Grounding isn't just a technique reserved for the sparring grounds or dojo. I believe it was developed originally send idiots reeling away as if they hit a brick wall.

It takes years of practice to get the timing right so that you can execute it in one breath. Yet all that will not be in vain if it can stop evil doers.

The best part about it is that the untrained person will not be able to tell if someone is grounding or not, so it looks like you're just walking or standing there normally.

What if there was an old lady who needed a seat and they cut infront of her?

Its not that such people cross me, far from it actually. I merely use idiotic people to my amusement when the time arises.

Nothing personal, just amusement.

I am not a bully.

I am an upholder of justice.

For the sake of justice and humor.

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