Friday, October 26, 2007

Stupid with more people = not stupid by convention.

You know a club is making too much money when:

- They send you 1 invite to their halloween party in the middle of the week.

- They send you another one, this one in designer envelop and better mat surface.

- They send you another card to pickup your new membership card when you're old one hasn't even expired yet.

Anyway Zouk was much better on Wednesday. It wasn't overly crowded like previous mambo nights, and you could actually move around in phuture. Ironically the members bar was the area that was more crowded than usual.

Its damn funny when you see one guy doing silly actions on the dance floor, then see someone else near him doing the exact same movements, then you look up at the platforms and see the "flight safety demonstration crew" doing the same things and you know "oh, stupid mambo dance."

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