Thursday, October 4, 2007

What a girl wants, what a girl needs

What does a girl want?

She doesn't want handsome guys.

She doesn't want guys with big muscles.

She doesn't want a guy with confidence.

She wants something cute.

She wants something adorable and weak.

She want something that she can say "awwwww' to.

Well at least, thats what most of the female population wants.

Its proven.

Put images of guys on products, or make them into keychains, chicks won't buy them.

Put something senselessly stupidly cute, and they'll love them.

Make the mascot of a game a suave hero and the majority of the buyers will be guys.

Make the mascot some cute animal thingy and you will tap into the female market.

Marketing statistics reveals wonders about the female psyche.

Yes, I understand them clearly now.

I understand that they cannot be understood because they do not understand that they must understand the preposterously inconsequential nature of all things cute.

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