Monday, November 19, 2007

bball day

Basketball with Ron, JK, Keith, Adrian and Derek.

Our star player, aka Ron who's represented the country in basketball before is quite sickening to watch because he rarely misses a shot- even with a sprained ankle.

Felt good doing layups and my unblockable sky-hook, even though its a bit rusty cause its been so long since I've played.

Heard something very familiar: "gai4 ta1".

Basically it means to cover the person whom you're guarding from making the shot, but somehow along the line that meaning slowly changed to: "smack the ball away right about the time your mark releases the ball to the net."

Most short players will think that tall people can do this very easily, so I heard it very often when I was playing often a couple of years ago. It kinda sucks sometimes. Because you never hear a short person getting asked to do it. Yet as a tall person it really isn't easy, because your mark can easily fake the shot while you are left hanging in the air, waiting to swat away a ball that is being dribbled around you on the ground.

That really is about on of the most depressing type of moments that you can relive over and over again in basketball.

Today's entry will be rather thoughtless because I don't really feel like thinking much.

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