Thursday, July 19, 2007


Okay, its quite common to sprain something playing sports or training... but I seem to have sprained my wrist quite badly playing the piano.

Its because my piano/clarinova used to be facing the computer on the left... so I would just play at an odd twisted angle while looking at the computer while working on composing. And some bloody instruments have to be played so damn hard to hear the louder samples.

So I've went and rearranged the furniture abit today. Now the workstation is directly infront of the piano.

This injury doesn't affect my training too much... but every time I try to put my messenger bag on with the right hand, I feel such a sharp pain that I want to kick someone in the nuts. So, I'm forced to be a lefty for now. Wearing the bag, turning stuff, holding heavy stuff, etc is all left hand oriented now.

Oh well, more nintouryu training for now I suppose.

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