Friday, July 20, 2007

Shitty day

Today was a shitty day.

First I can't think of proper balancing solutions for Dragonclaw, and can't think of new moves. Programming is a very tedious thing. Your syntax must be spot on, especially if you need to alter 20-50 lines of code to get a certain effect... if something screws up you're going to to a hell lot of editing.

Then there's so much to keep in mind like when the state cycle starts and ends, when in the state cycle should the variable addition or subtraction take place.

Which isn't so bad, because maths and physics is fun. Like creating impulse velocities which are affected by lateral wind (X velocity) and rise due to heat or change in pressure (Y velocity). Or when an object bounces you take its negative Y velocity with acceleration due to gravity ceiled at terminal velocity, subtract energy lost due to contact force*momentive resistance and energy dispersion channeled during time in contact with surface, then negate it to get the upward velocity which would then be affected by gravity and the initial wind resistance caused by the the object's own fall.

Coming up with an equation to emulate real life physics, then exaggerating it for effect is rather addictive. But I digress.

Anyway, weights with Stephen after that makes me feel small and fat. wtf.

Then took 2 buses to smu then thomson because we Howe was too lazy to walk to the 13 bus stop. We took like 1 godamn hour to reach thomson.

Then I saw the sign of the new Ramus stall lit, so I thought wow, we get to try new place to eat tonight for a change- but the godamn place was closed.

Then we ate damn fatty shit at Prata House... and Howe's mutton curry was burnt.

Then after coming back from my run, the DOTA gang started the game without me.

Lousy shitty ass day.

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