Monday, July 9, 2007

New beginning

Figured it would make sense to start a new public blog on my birthday.

And what better way to celebrate it than feeling a little sick.

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. Old friends and new ones alike. It was especially warming to hear some of your voices after so many years.

Like Yiwen, probably the most capable girl I know. Study hard in Melbourne :)

Tian Hong, for calling to irrita.... wish me happy birthday and talk cock.

So yeah in no particular order, to Ming hui, Jac, Coke, Winnie, JJ, JM, Sophia, Kris, Jasmine, Jane, Yiwen, Tian Hong, Charis, Hungry, Jilin, Cindy, Charlizard, Edwin, Veron, Ivy, Mal, Desmond, Lyuina, Jason, James, Joel, Joy, Jonathan, Jeremy, Jeremy (bigger head), Wani, Adrian, and Tony (Mr China) who emailed all the way from China...

Thank you :)

Hope I didn't leave out anyone.

Saturday's Musical for Fly Entertainment and SNA was a success. I don't know how to describe watching and hearing all your work come together on stage. Everyone worked so hard, the production team, the cast, the crew. Izyan has an awesome voice, and Enlai has improved so much since day one. Loretta did a terrific job at pulling everyone together. I have no clue about choreography but Gordon and Desmond make it look so good. And I can't imagine the amount of research Yi Sheng put into the script... that must have been insane. Oh yeah, Babes made them sound so good.

New projects coming up, I've already thought of an awesome theme song for one of them. Can't wait to start.

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