Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PSP in the army



Apparently, the PSP is becoming quite popular in the military world. That's why TAD Gear created this PSP case, one that's supposedly MILSPEC grade. "These PSP Pods were produced at the request of some our associates and customers deployed overseas. The Sony PSP has become a common sight in many a soldiers' kit these days. The PSP has become ideal for personal entertainment for many while in transit or stuck at barracks. This is built with MILSPEC construction and materials thru-out. There is no sturdier, better built, and versatile storage pouch for the PSP available anywhere."

The high level of construction is supposed to be the reason behind its somewhat exuberant price: $100. But, if you happen to be in the military, now's the time to pick the system up. "Due the high cost of production it is highly unlikely we will produce these again."

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