Thursday, July 26, 2007

omgwtf Leonidas behind j00!


Reunion and celebration supper the other night after training with the ATI section and Major Bryan.

Was good to see everyone again, including the Maj, although we couldn't see eye-to-eye for the longest time. He had his vision for the department, I had mine for the team. Eventually we reached middle-ground many times, though stretched several times over. Thinking back, I might have had a fun time there, but I was set on following that dream till the end.

Now it seems, everyone who has a clue as to whats going on wants to be transferred into the department; regulars and nsfs alike. Which is ironic, because that was always the case, yet I was the only one trying to get the hell out of there to focus on SAFSA.

I know that he wanted to win me over, because I had something that no one else had in the formation besides Ben who was studying overseas at the time. That was the nature of my transfer all the way to Armor, after all. Several COs wanted me transferred over to them, which I was willing to do had the Maj move to stand in the way of my goal.

Respect is a two way thing. I helped him to forge the identity and representation of the Institute, and he supported my desire to lead the team. In the end, although there were many heated moments, I learned so much from him, and he was always willing to teach me many things.

New departments in the army are an interesting thing. As head of the then-new department, He was allowed to set the department's own scope of work and development. It was interesting to see how he slowly materialized everything and acquired what he needed to make it was it is today. He's about the only Major, that I know of in Armor who has the brains, drive, and tact for his career... and he can run triathlons and ironmans.

Maybe for some people their dream can lie in the Army after all.

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