Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Its been quite a disastrous week.

First on sat the news that snoc hates us.

Then on monday the fighter's guild has a huge change in policy removing a bunch of rules, creating chaos for the entire guild.

But the funny thing is...

It takes disaster to shake people and make them react. And because of that I've found people who share the same views as me. People who have been through the same shit and who haven't gone to hell... or at least come back from it.

Sometimes it sucks, but I always believe that what goes around comes around. Gotta be the change that you want to see in people, even if it sucks. I think I'll just sleep.

Was looking at shades the other day... Adidas' red white one looks aight, but is a complete disaster with the strap. Rudy's new line totally rocks. Lens that can bend until each end of the lens touches with each other.... too bad the one I want needs two months to be flown in from the states.

I need another Rudy project store.

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