Sunday, August 26, 2007


What a crazy week.

Almost died when Ruby brought the deadlines forward... man.... But finally.... today, everything is cleared at last.

At least the first wave is over.

Two more weeks of slightly less business, then gg. Please let me enjoy my 2-3 months of holiday in peace. Though it seems all this working spree will be for nothing as the holiday won't be required after all. Godamnit.

Whatever. 5 crew race. Go and get gold back. Godamnit. GOLD GODAMNIT.

This quarter's zouk card is a nice light blue. Their designs rock. Met Zic last night too. He's still the same old mommy and Fiona's boy. haha. I remember someone telling me that fashion shows usually have better music than the usual disco mixes. Think there's a certain amount of truth to that. The heavy beat on one of the tracks was incredible. It wasn't sequenced, couldn't be. It must have been recorded live because there was absolutely no pattern to it. And another piece had this jazz synth playing. Awesome.

Despite the crazy week just being able to come back and dota with the guys provides some amount of relief.

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