Thursday, August 9, 2007

Busy for what?

Oh nos... I haven't played my poor PS3 since forever. Been busy referencing, incubating and working.

Part of a composer's job is to slack. Believe it or not, because after the period of referencing source styles, arrangements and melodies, comes the period of incubation, where the sub-conscious does the work in magically surfacing the music.

You can't just try and sit at the piano and declare that you are going to compose something. Because nothing will come.

There used to be this awesome game for the playstation called breath of fire. In it there was this mini game called the fairy village. Every now and then you'd drop by the fairy village and tell them what to do and give them stuff to work with. Then you would have to go out into the game world and advance the storyline, fight off monsters, etc to pass time in fairy land.

So yeah, its sort of like leaving the fairies to do their work in your head.


Anyway, sometimes an awesome melody comes to me when I least expect it, like... walking on the street or in the mrt. Then out of fear of losing it, which is very possible, I have to whip out my handphone and record it down.

This often involves singing or humming to it... which then makes me look like I'm singing to my girlfriend over the phone or something. Ahhh but people don't stare too much.

At least not when I stare back at them.


Met Paerin today to discuss yet another musical for Fly Ent. Its going to get busy, but at least I'll be on track to be able to take a couple months off work at the end of the year.

But I may not need to after all.

Actually, I can't imagine not composing. Its not that I need something to occupy my time or I'll turn into some slack waste. There are too many other things that I want to do. Its just that I love it too much.

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