Monday, August 20, 2007

Every changing yet stationary

Met up with Roger to discuss the end of the year project... and hopefully the last show that I'll be tempted to work on for this year. I didn't think anyone would find the study of art history remotely interesting - one of the required modules to take in NUS' art degree syllabus.

There's something noble about trying to preserve the art of a certain era. Perhaps through appreciation of old feelings can one re-live days long ago which makes us who we are.

Thankfully I can not appreciate such nostalgia, which means I'm still quite young. However I can see the significance of reaffirming one's identify through his past.

The first show of its kind in Singapore. Would be quite exciting if I haven't already been working on so many "first of its kind in Singapore" kinda stuff recently.

Just finished part of another scene. Evil badass dancing queen with bhangra beats. The lady's request in style which worked out pretty well.

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