Monday, August 20, 2007

Two Sides

Life always has a way of showing you both sides in order to let you choose which side you want.

Those who can not handle responsibility will have it taken from them. Yet those who take what little responsibility given to them who cherish and make the best of it will make it grow. In a way I am relieved. It seems that he simply can not handle things. Talking with him made me realize that I could have easily provided him with all the solutions necessary and ended his infinite cycle of self assurance, but in the end it would be merely prolonging the inevitable.

It seems that some things just cannot be passed down or taught. I once blamed myself for not teaching or equipping the next batch with the necessary skills to continue the running of the team or club. But now my conscience is clear. The primary variable which the equation depends so heavily on is ultimately the one who will take your place.

Ironically this is the best opportunity for the team to accomplish something very important. So many of them have grown so much, I feel so happy for them.

I remember the first time. I wanted to because I wanted to right all the wrongs that were going on through past - others and mine. I wanted to give everyone the chance that they deserved, the chance that I never got.

But it is through hardship that allows you to perceive things strongly. And by providing an ideal environment, you deprive them of that critical chance to perceive things as you yourself do.

Someone once asked me:
"why is it that all of them gradually come to the dark side except you?"

I jokingly replied:
"Because the lesser poison can never affect the greater poison."

But in actuality, you can't poison something that has already died.

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