Friday, August 17, 2007

I just randomly stumbled across something so ridiculously cool I'm seriously thinking of getting one.

Green Lasers
So what are these lasers we're selling like hot cakes? In case you were wondering - Wicked Lasers' doesn't specialize in regular low power (5mW) presentation or key chain laser pointers. We sell some of the most powerful handheld laser products in the world. Our green lasers are so bright and powerful they can burn, slash and melt plastic or, if you are so inclined, light your cigarette. The green lasers create a beam you can see for miles in dark conditions. Think we're exaggerating? When people buy our lasers they are so proud of what their new gadgets can do, they can't help posting a video of their laser in action. Have a look at some of our videos in our member forum or go to green lasers to find out more.

Lowered power laser has healing properties, higher powered beams burn, how cool is that? The lasers can pop balloons, etch into leather, light cigarettes, and even set of fireworks XD.

Its like a low end light saber... with 100 mile range.

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