Friday, August 17, 2007

Hazards of gaming

For the past few months the reason 8-12 people comprising of ord'd recce guys and hot gaming chicks have been sleeping very late is because of one thing - DOTA.

It seems tonight the gang is unusually tired due to school and what not and we'll all be able to sleep early. Woot.

If there wasn't so much to learn about teamwork, I would have gotten bored of the game long ago.

Ironically.... just the other day we had a guys versus girls game. And despite our superior individual skills, the guys team lost. Because the girls had far better teamwork (And stupid jiaming kept feeding the girls team). But anyway it really is similar to dragonboat or working in any project group or team. You can be the best individually, but if that best doesn't contribute to your team mates, then you lose out. If you can't compromise a little to help your team out, you lose. If you keep bitching at your team mates and only irritate them, you lose.

Its hard to find that balance to shine individually yet contribute. Every game we play with different characters, all the variables in the equation change, and different people will be able to stand out. Maybe thats why I like the game so much. To try and find the solution to a problem that changes every time we play.

I shoryuken people who say that DOTA sucks just because they can't grasp the game.

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