Thursday, August 16, 2007


Overworking a piece can be such a pain sometimes.

I have to listen through the rendered piece over and over again to make sure that no one instrument glitches.

So many things could happen.

Instruments could disappear due to running out of memory.

Legato instruments could slur from the wrong note if parked at the wrong place in the song before recording.

Clicks or pops could randomly appear for no apparent reason.

It has to be perfect for the final rendition. From the Piano, oboe, violins, cellos, basses, oboes, flutes, clarinets, piccolos to the french horns, trumpets, tubas, harp, bass drums, snares, tom toms, timpani... the list goes on.

Each instrument's line have I meticulously written out for the orchestra and if even one disappears during this virtual performance my heart can literally skip a beat.

Ahh but that perfect recording. That one perfect recording when everything agrees to play flawlessly and it all comes together as it did in my head before I painstakingly brought them to live one by one... makes you feel that there is peace harmony and joy in the world. The earth rotates as it should and I don't have to go kick someone in the nuts.

Nowadays I have people waiting to begin work with me. For freelancers or any boss or contractor, it is a dream come true. To not worry about where the next project will come from.

But with it comes the price of potentially over stressing yourself... I don't know how long I can maintain this rate of work at, and people who don't snap often snap in a big way when they eventually do.... so....

I have been craving to get back into the sparring scene. But I know that's the worse possible thing I can get myself back into right now.

The career is really picking up now. Which makes me wonder what is most critical and important for the advancement of this ambition. I have forsaken my place in uni to pursue this grand dream yet again, but now I wonder if I have to do the same thing for Dragon Boat?

Sacrifice a smaller dream for the bigger one?

Bleh... I used to tell someone that you can accomplish more than usual with good time management, optimization of work flow and proper allocation of active and inactive work.

But you can only stretch so far before it snaps.

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