Friday, August 3, 2007

Visited Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Alumni clubhouse yesterday for the shoot. Nice place, got a nice pool, facilities and I finally saw the brand spanking new gym some of the alumni were talking about. Like why the hell doesn't NYP have something like that?

Moving a good melody around is like finding an old friend. An oboe plays the melody line at first, which is then carried on with a clarinet, finally a french horn replays the melody again, while the oboe and clarinet move in parallel with it at times, moving away, then coming closer again. Sometimes the romance in orchestration is something that you can't really describe fully in words somehow. To put in words would be to rationalize, but to feel the emotions would be the total opposite.

One of the clients cried when she heard the song during the presentation earlier today. Sometimes I wish that I could feel my own music as much as some other people do.

Always chasing what we can't have.

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