Monday, September 24, 2007


Today on the way back I was reminded of a certain senior warrant officer who tried to cause me some trouble back during my ns days.


Though I never really could find much joy on my ord day.... cause I wasn't really in camp much anyway.

Enough digressing....

You know that type, the asshole who hates to smile, gives you and your friends condescending looks, loves handing out extras and being anal about disciplinary issues.

I can appreciate what he did for the guys in camp on some level, because there had to be law, it is the army afterall, and someone had to be the bad guy while the rest played the politically correct guy.

He annoyed me because even the commander an ltc, and all the lt. col and maj.s under him whom I worked with knew to give the right amount of respect, which was duly reciprocated. But this guy.... all he seemed to want to do was to find something... anything to mar my perfect record.

He did almost get me, once. But ironically it was his superior whom I had helped out before whom let me know in advance. That's why its better to be the nice guy - people would rather help you than help an asshole.

But all is fair in the system. As he used it to try to get to me, I eventually learned to use it to put myself well out of his reach.

I guess thats one of the few good feelings I have from ord'ing. Being one of the few to ord in my camp with 0 extras. The letters were nice too.

In a way if he didn't try what he did, I would have never understood the system to the point that I did and may have ended up screwing something up in the end.

What makes such people tick? Misery loves company. Perhaps their lives are so miserable they feel better sharing it? or maybe its just for fun, I dunno. Some motivations are implausible.

Whats important is staying above them.

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