Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Decisive precise shopping operation

Some uni students are so over-burdened with homework, they have to do their homework in the middle of a dimsum buffet lunch with friends.

Browsed around Peninsula plaza after that while Gab went to look for his camera. Alot of really interesting shops. There was one that sold magical reagants, like... frankincense, devil's shoe lace and all sorts of weird herbs for charms. Jia ming was exceptionally amused by the satanic-rock music/clothes shop.

But what caught my attention was this:

Its a performance keyboard. It would so rock to perform with this, but the price tag was insane.

Went to shop around ann siang hill/road after that. One thing I hate about shopping there is that unlike town, there's no air con from shop to shop. Nordic, Venue, Asylum and Front Row are pretty worth the effort, though. Especially that one shop that shifted and is hidden so well that I had to backtrack twice to find the damned place while Jasline, Minghui and the rest chilled somewhere for a drink. They think I'm too serious when it comes to shopping... but I see it more as mission based. Gather recon on all op points before establishing the overall mission plan is vital before you swoop in for the kill. Anyway the staff were helpful too, helped me pick out a nice shirt.

Okay, behind schedule again, back to work.

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