Thursday, September 27, 2007


Aftermath of running 2 X 6km followed by dancing for 4 hours = painful calves.

Phuture was painfully crowded.

The poor lighting makes people look better at times. It also makes it harder to make out some features or characteristics which would usually be used to tell guy/gal apart, especially if said individual has had a sex change operation.


Sometimes you can just sense it, thankfully. Darren's camera confirmed it, praise be to mother theresa that I ran away.

I can respect whatever kind of personal liberation one would get from being a transsexual or something, I can respect that individual as a person, but getting hit on by one just gives me the eepie jeebies.

I also get really worried when people lean over and try to scream to talk to you.

You know when the music's so loud, then your friend tries to talk to you by raising his/her voice.

But you can't hear, cause the music's too loud, so you scream "HUH?!"

So your friend then goes right up to you, and takes a deep breath before screaming and slowly enunciating each word out carefully, louder than 25 1 metre super monitor speakers can dish out nonsensical heavy-booming treble-piercing noise for 800 plus people, gently massaging your inner ear drums with his/her gentle voice.

And people wonder why their ears ring...

Every time someone does that, a cute kitty dies.

Save the kitties.

Use hand signs or your phone.

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