Saturday, September 29, 2007

right o, yes milord?

Its with a huge feeling of relief and satisfaction that almost all the tracks for the Alice musical is finished. November musical tracks are halfway done, and in about 2 weeks time I will have wrapped these two big projects up at long last.

Listening back to each of the tracks, it really is amazing how each of them came together. The songs for Alice was a major milestone for me to see just how much music I could write in such a short time, and thankfully I may be able to pull this off.

Ruby wants to do Narnia next year. That's gonna be so fun. She cried when she heard the final bridge of music before the finale that I've written to sum up the journey of the lonely rebellious protagonist. All the emotion in the melody and significance of how the answer call and reactive melodies and harmonies are used symbolizes just how much she has been through.

In a way it gives me satisfaction to see people react to my music in such a way. I'm not a sadist, its just that I can never feel my own music to the extent that other people would. Only by the reactions of others can I understand what I am supposed to feel.

Its sad, but in a way its what keeps me going. Like a runner that always wants to get faster, or someone who wants to get stronger, he has reason to train. So too is it for me that I can never experience what I want to portray in my own work, that I will continue to write and chase that illusive emotion.

Very soon, I'll be working on the soundtrack for the next big thing in facebook, the first animated turn based mmorpg - Battle Stations.

I can't wait to start :)

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