Friday, September 21, 2007


Erh.... not sure how to recap last night's outing with the nteam guys.

I wasn't drunk... though I can't quite remember alot of parts of it.

The girls at phuture are scary.

It's not often you see eyes like that on a girl. Dangerous. He's really better off as friends.

Yeah. And errr... Sherwyn's ridiculously good at SUPER HD PUZZLE FIGHTER for the ps3.... which would be admirable if it weren't a godamn gu niang char boh game. He's good at resistance too which is good, Darren is still awesome because he can move and kill by moving around with the right stick and not aiming the crosshair with the left stick.

Justin's the type to talk big about a dare but end up not doing it.

Alvin's like the other Alvin... both can get high without alcohol.

Clement is the exact opposite.

Sebas is the type that sweat like a pig just swaying around.

Allen and Chee are phuture prowlers hahaha.

Kelward's english is reflected on his dressing.

Jem is scared of girls.

Where the hell was Stan?

Ugh I can't remember who else went.

Aftermath of the night is not being able to formulate thoughts properly to be logged down.


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