Saturday, September 8, 2007

End of the week

Mom finds it shocking that I didn't know which country they ran off to for the past week.

Seriously, they run out of the country like 99 times a year how am I supposed to keep track of where they go?

Just looking forward to a good rest tonight. The past few nights of senselessly inconsequential activities don't seem to add up positively at all.

Okay I lack sleep from the past few nights, and am on the verge of turning back to the dark side because of that.

As a result I have rant.

Sometimes I look at other people, to see if what they do every day is directly related to their career or goals. Of course not everything can contribute directly, you gotta sit back and just take your moment in, sometimes by yourself, sometimes with friends.

There are also things that contribute negatively to your state or value of life. People who live in the moment too much probably fail to see this.

I'm sure that cigarette will make you look cooler in years to come, or make you look smart in front of you friends who actually know shit. Or that statement on your body that will make you look like a true gentleman, after all, everyone wants to be a punk or look hip for the rest of their lives. Speeding on the roads will increase your chances of finding gold. And putting yourself in more dangerous situations like riding a motorbike just for the thrill or to look good will raise your intelligence.

The most fun things in life defy logic,
but they don't necessarily have to be so godamn stupid, do they?

Worse part is when stupid people influence my friends who don't know any better yet.

I really want to thousand hand slap such people.

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