Saturday, October 6, 2007

cant think of title

Side effect of the new training phase is.... I can eat whatever the hell I want. That means as much chicken rice, carrot cake, whatever fatty shit - and still cut down on body fat.

Though the amount of suffering the training causes more than makes up for the little consolation of food.

But really, to me food is one of the highest ecstasies of life. Maybe it could rival even music. It doesn't really gratify emotionally, it gratifies on so many levels that don't need to be tied down to emotions.

Last night's event at Home was fun, the music was awesome. The 5 piece band - the firefighters I think, was damn awesome. The electronica band before them was alright, in one of their pieces they sequenced their beats inbetween a third and quarter progression which didn't fall in fifths so it was kinda off. But these kinda things you can't really tell unless you've been sequencing for years anyway so I doubt anyone else or they themselves noticed.

Darren tried to hit on girl after that but CHICKENED OUT. Anyway if my intelligence is correct, the girls should dig him because Darren is like chicken little kinda cute and the girls will dig that. Or at least buy keychains of him if they cartoonized him.

Sometimes I'm not sure if the guys know what temperance is.

Anyway, training today ....


It soooo isn't my fault haha. I mean if I throw the ball but no one catches it, of course someone else is gonna pick it up, then alot of those who didn't catch it will reject the guy who eventually picked it up.

But thats life, tired of following poor conventions? Go and do what it takes to change those conventions. I've done my term, now just watching and analyzing will suffice for now.

He reminds me so much of the other one from some time ago. I know that he also senses this but misinterprets it as a form of mimicry. I just hope that he will make better decisions. That aspect of immaturity can be a powerful weapon, yet work must be done to control and direct it.

Anyway despite being so godamn tired...

Bishan running club got activated.

Not enough sleep and water during a draggy training session, chicken rice of all thing for dinner, tired legs from running 7km the day before are conditions perfect to test your mental fortitude and discipline against mr sji ex-cross country runner.

Anyway the new route through amk, braddel and back is refreshing. Cleared the whole thing in 30 mins with Sam, though when breaking in the route with Wee Koh we cleared at about 38 mins.

zzzzz nua weekoh!

Anyway Sam managed to get suspended from school for one month. How awesome is that? Extended holiday cause exams are finished anyway. Which is weird cause such things are happening... I mean its not some misfit breeding school like cat high.

Dota calls.

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