Sunday, October 7, 2007

Your momma

Sometimes we come across a realization but conveniently pass it off because the people around us are doing don't seem to be bothered about it.

If one day, when their convenient direction in life set by the government, set by the education system and convention was taken away; how would they know what to do? How would they know if they wanted to do it? How would they know if it was the right thing for them? Because their momma says it is? Their family? Friends?

If I didn't have such a rude shock back to reality I would probably be thinking like them. When you realize that reality is bullshit, that everything everyone ever told you was to be desired was bullshit. That whatever you believed in was bullshit. How will you handle that?

How many times have you heard people ask "What's the meaning of life?"

The truth is, until you have an answer you'll never really be able to live your own life.

Those who are sheltered, never break through the illusion or are never sufficiently challenged to truly go out and search for an answer. To actually have the balls to go out there and do what it takes to find out even if it means giving up whatever success you had so far, even if it means failing.

Perhaps some people are better off with a carefree, simple life. Ignorance is bliss.

The first step's easy. After that comes so many questions that your professor can't answer for you.

For the greater good, things that I didn't necessarily like to do had to be done. Big things cannot have the base of childish ideas and aspirations alone. They cannot be grounded by stubborn pride, short cuts, sometimes even your conscience.

If your conscience doesn't tell you what to do, and your heart can barely be heard by yourself, how will you know where to go? How will you know whether what you are doing is right, for yourself, right, in any aspect?

Somehow, its easier to walk toward that small hole with light shining out instead of being covered by a huge mass of light.

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