Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crazy contrast

First, race in the morning which I literally only knew off the day before. Had to cycle to Justin's house at 12 midnight to get the key to the conference room for a logistics pickup in the morning.

Turns out, wooptie doodaa the main door was locked when I arrived so I couldn't get the zre anyway. So I had to go the the locker and take out the masamune. Like this short 47 inch paddle. But it worked out, because shorter paddles are ideal for my drive A in lesser legroom boats.

Things have really gone to shit. But somehow knowing how things are going to be like makes things alot better when the time actually comes.

Luckily Allen dropped the Bishaners at Bishan so had a quick bite then washed up and headed for the competition finals.

Didn't expect to win there either, it was so much fun.

I had purposely screwed up the compulsory makeup and contorted my face for the newspaper shoots so no one would recognize me and I wouldn't have to see anyone familiar there. But lo and behold Dennis just had to turn up.

The dance round finals was tonight. I felt so sad somehow, knowing that it was the last time that we would be able to dance together as a team, even if it was an individual competition.

When Jessie and Rashida- our instructors were on stage with us that final time, and I heard and felt their energy, along with some of the guys, and the music was booming so loud, and we were all on the beat, it was incredible. So incredible that I forgot a step but managed to smile and jump back on routine.

So high.

First round of the fashion challenge, theme was to wear something that shines. Used Darren's golden skinny tie and Justin's black long-sleeve shirt. Kinda classy compared to the other guy's huge amount of BLING or bare-bodied glitters. But Derrick won that round with his BLING. Lots of it. Ridiculously large amounts of it.

Second round I wasn't sure what the heck the judges liked. We were given a budget of 100 bucks to buy an outfit. Apparently the majority of the judges weren't really into brit rock. So I had a really long thought about what direction to take. I eventually took all the characteristics of the jeans that I liked from topman to the parts I liked from Levis, and found the perfect combination of the two at Levi Strauss with Timothy, earning us a 50% of one of the pairs of jeans. Belt was from there too.

Next was a top, which I knew I had to get from topman. But nothing too brit rocky. I bought one size larger than usual, brought it to the tailor, and spent 10 minutes going through schematics of my new new shirt to-be.

When Raphael, our renown french choreographer saw me and told me that it looked good, I knew it was ace.

But I didn't expect anything, because all the other guys were damn good.

I was happy enough going home just having learnt to dance. We pulled it off despite the minor cock ups, the energy was there, the crowd loved it.

It shouldn't feel good, something so trivial.

But standing there smiling for 50+ cameras holding the gold and wearing something that says winner does feel a little good.

Made some good friends over the past few days. Despite everything, we were a team. Helped each other cover up, and looked out for one another.

Made fun of someone together too.

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