Tuesday, October 23, 2007

emo gu niangs

Not sure if its the gyming and work at the same time, but sometimes emotional women or worse- emotional guys who might as well be women almost get on my nerves.

Almost. But peace and balance in the universe is always restored.

Not that person anymore. In control.

First class yesterday. Walking into a big campus, kinda shocking that people can recognize me. The students were all pretty well-behaved, and all went quite smoothly. Yeah, teaching is fun when the class has an interest in the subject.

I'm really looking forward to a good break from work in 2-3 weeks time. Creative work is fun but kinda exhausting.

Maybe then would be a good time to switch over to something else.

Nah, just gym, anime, ps3, dota, battle stations. Rinse and repeat.

Heaven. Yes... in 3 weeks time I shall be in that heaven. Wait for me heaven...

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