Tuesday, October 16, 2007

hello uncle reuben

So we went out to find the cream of the cream of the crop out of all the childcare centres. Close to 800 kids and we narrowed them down these few with natural singing ability. One of them could even do a vibrato. Holyshit.

Having them sing and move to the music was quite uplifting. Their innocent and pure energy, both in intention and voice really warms the heart.

It was hard having to narrow down and select which kids to sing which songs, listening to them closely while trying best not to let them know that they were being judged or tossed out. I guess it always pains me to have to tell someone their not good enough. Especially since these kids are so young, how will they take it? How will it impact them at such a young a volatile age?

Something that needs to come so innately, unlike sports. If you train hard and devote the time to it, you can't be too terrible. But for something like music, some people can spend all the time in the world and sadly still be a musical travesty.

Which is why I remember how difficult it was for me to select the the performance team for the Piano Ensemble back in school. No one wanted to be the bad guy, but we only had so few slots and as president I had to ensure that only the best occupied those slots.

When it came to sports or rowing, any skinny, fatass or slackshit who put in the effort and improve would make it to the team, because the potential to improve in sports is much more forgiving.

Somehow although musicality is something that needs to be cultivated, somehow some seeds just refuse to grow no matter how much effort you put in. And there are also cases whereby people are so shy and humble that they do not realize just how talented they are. Its easy to miss those type of people, but I didn't let a single one slip by.

Left to right: Denise, Crystal, Kai Wen, Wai Yip, Jeannie, Asher

I used to hate kids, but after today, I'll kinda miss that bunch. PLUS MORE KARMA POINTS FOR LIKING KIDS!

Not in the michael jackson kinda way.

Recording today at the studio with the kids was surprising. I really didn't expect much out of kids that didn't belong to a choir, but there's a certain purity to their unrestricted emotion in such singing.

After the children were done, we recorded our voice talent. Which was none other than one of the strongest singers in the previous SG idol - Matilda.

Its heartbreaking yet fulfilling in a way. The way I composed a song and imagined it to be sung, then a strong singer comes and brings new life to it with her own style and emotion. Like giving your daughter's hand away in marriage to someone whom you know will make her happy for the rest of her life.

She is an incredible singer. And I'm surprised that she can do so many styles.

What a day.

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