Monday, October 15, 2007

pwned by telecom

Internet was down since like Friday. All my supreme geek powers couldn't bring it back because it was a line fault which telecom had to fix this morning.

Godamn torturous argh.

Battle stations character stagnant and unable to level, unable to watch anime, unable to DOTA WTF!?!?!

Anyway I sucked it up and was productive. So 1.5 battle tracks for Battle stations are done.

Played for TR Church's fundraiser, they managed to raise like 21k in funds for bursaries or something? Like, I never imagined a church would be able to raise that much.

The 1H singing group who I played the piano with. Some of the best voices from the various churches.

Men's choir from Chicago.

The guest of honor cum member of parliament actually sang a song for us. Pretty impressive. Her voice was sincere and she had pitch, which was good enough.

Yeah so anyway I did a good deed right? PLUS 100 KARMA POINTS.

Oh yeah, Friday's DJ... MANDY really sucked.

This was taken right above the DJ console from the members bar. You can tell how bored everyone looks. It would be more appropriate if I photoshoppped "?" above everyone's heads. At most points only like 10 people were really into the music.

Ending off this entry with a nice email:

"Hey, Let me start by introducing myself.
My name is S--- K---- and I am current Senior at a high school called Ed----- Wood---.
I started learning piano by myself, just like you, just about three years ago from now.
(attached song is the recording of me of playing the song I fell in love with :), it's not quite good though)
Today I was surfing YouTube and accidentally ran into a video of you playing piano.
Man... I gotta say I'm impressed with your unique compositions and playing skills.
I personally did not believe that a self-taught pianist could become a great pianist and composer like you.
Thank you for inspiring me to be something great than what I am already.
I might not be the only one to ask but do you think you can consider sending me some of your composition pieces ?
I do in fact know the original versions of many songs you played, but I think your composition give them this unique taste that I couldn't find in original compositions.
If it's possible I would really love to learn to play your compositions"

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