Thursday, November 1, 2007


Oddly enough, despite all my contact with the piano composing and experimenting, its been so long since I've sat down and actually played.

When all the emotion in the composition isn't pre-meditated, and everything just flows naturally. When you don't have to worry about singers timing, or vocal range, just no stupid restrictions whatsoever.

It was like meeting with a long lost friend. So weird, since the damn thing isn't even alive. But the feeling is really like no other. When I want a part of a movement to be strong, it will answer and its voice will echo with resolution. When I want a part of a movement to light or sad, the softness and vulnerability of its voice will oddly enough move the heart.

Took out the Jaguar for a row today, very shocked that Darren paddled all the way out to the middle of the basin to look for us. For a noob that's just plainly insane or brave. But he probably knew that one of us would go rescue him anyway. Justin was clearly worried about him.

Anyway Justin's fast, but he kept fading away when I used the sink-stroke.

Fun fun. And yes I could tell another njc kia was clearly stirred by seeing us row. But he was always quiet last time so I forgot to ask him to join us.

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