Wednesday, November 7, 2007

brudderly love

At the end of a set tonight,

Boonsan spits to the left. In the dark of the night, the direction he's facing makes it impossible for him to see himself.

But I see it, silhouetted by the lights of tanjong rhu, it drips down from his chin, slimey and thick. I thought he could feel it, but he just continues talking.

More drips down.

At this point kelward spits to the left of the boat right beside me.

And Alvin spits to the right of the boat, right infront of me.

And then, I hear something that makes my heart skip a beat.

"Eh, the water quite cold tonight."

It couldn't be, he couldn't possibly be thinking of doing that.

But yes, Boonsan dips his hand in the water, and tosses some water at me.

The calm stagnant water containing the aggregated spittle of everyone, from the hand that just wiped the spittle from his own chin.

And they wonder why bugs or flu is passed around the team so easily. I want to run to the back pack to row.

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Snam Profile said...

haha.... this is quite idiotic.... but u row in front, other peeps can see wat's happening meh? help me say hi to boonsan and he's greatly missed.

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