Friday, November 9, 2007

crazy despo people.

Its sorta nice when you can cut the queue which starts from the entrance, goes down the road and into the carpark. Its nice that you can pull a friend in and save him/her from the queue too, but it becomes to pointless when you have more friends that you can't sign in.

Which may have been a good thing anyway, because when I went it to recce the place and crowd I was horrified.

Whats wrong with all those people? Why do they like to squeeze so much?

Insane. Senseless. Full of desperate people or something.

Its nights like those when I would much prefer to just eat supper with friends. And the chili padi from the fishball noodles owned me.

Heading back home and playing heavenly sword on the ps3 while lying on the bed until my eyes can't keep open anymore, then moving my arm a little to reach the remote to switch of the tv and game before dreaming of Nariko. - the ideal way to end off a holiday.

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