Saturday, November 10, 2007


I never want to forget that moment.

When the 3000 strong crowd gave a standing ovation toward the end of the overture, and our cast of 712 innocent young voices sang their hearts out to the theme song. The song that I worried so much about them being able to hit in pitch, and keep in timing. In the end everything was perfect. The energy in their voices was incredible and they matched the energy of each of the instruments of the orchestra that I painstakingly played one by one. They could feel it, everything in my song from the significance of the victorious melody to the words of daring to dream.

I almost cried. Out of pure joy. If anything, although I prefer doing music for games, this is one aspect that neither games nor film can ever accomplish - the live sincerity of each performer's spirit when they sing your song. Its just moving. The words and melody that you thought of echoing in the voices of hundreds of people is really something. The cast was incredible, even more incredible was how young they were but how much passion they put into their rolls. Zul's choreo just warmed your heart, and the hundreds of people moving about on stage to the music just fit so perfectly.

I wouldn't change my job for the world.

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