Thursday, November 15, 2007


Day 3 into the new training cycle....

I forgot how much it could hurt to just move. Sore everywhere. The effect seems to be pretty fast, probably psychological though.

Recording today with Abigail. Seeing Roger direct really amazes me sometimes. The way he manages to keep super nice to get the best out of his actors shows an immense amount of patience and understanding. Its quite evident in quite alot of directors whom I've been working with lately actually. Whats needed and whats is detrimental to the creative process or dynamics of the work environment is such a delicate thing. Similar to leading a team, we all do that angry dictator thing while leading in our "infant" stages, but soon enough, those who are bright enough to understand their surroundings realize that is required to get things moving, and what isn't.

What would be better to facilitate movement and motivate, and what breeds frustration and rebellion. Especially with a more independent thinking team, treating people like kids just won't cut it. Usually nowadays, the final stages where people will mindlessly follow someone is in JC. Most poly students on the other hand couldn't give a shit and have better things to do, or picked the poly route for specific reason and have broken out of key sociogenic conventions.

Thats why I always believed it was vital to inculcate some form of maturity in this aspect during one's youth. Simulations in teams, groups. Learning from others mistakes is good, but eventually one will have to venture into new ground and error-proof his own methods.

How else is one supposed to motivate his company or run a business with shitty attitude or poor leadership skills.

Its almost always certain that the first few times one leads, he commit some of the greatest taboos and ends up falling flat on his back. Better to make those mistakes in a team than later on in a company and end up losing money and repertoire.

Been talking to Sakir about his fighting game engine. Its really quite amazing what can be accomplished when you put a really smart programmer to work on an engine. So many things that we never thought off as possible in the past, now to be made available. The past of fighting game characters that were 5-10mb, to plans for a 150-200mb character file.

I only with I had more time to work on this. Perhaps if I can somehow find a time to take a break off music, I'll just play around with game development again.

I so want to.

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