Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stronger shadow from stronger light

Closer and closer.

I heard it today, and yesterday. Its getting worse.

What I feared so much, feels so good.

To not give a damn, to give in to it.

Maybe it preparation for going into unfamiliar territory. If anything would happen there, he would be able to ensure any threat would be nullified.

Its so hard to fight against instinct sometimes. Yet sometimes instinct is the only thing that will keep you alive. But it can also strip you of what makes you human.

This trip will be a fight in more ways than one.

The short talk I had with coach before disembarking worries me.

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Salmon Aidan said...

what do u mean, reuben? what do u mean? did u know? did the rest know? pls keep warm in the lord's arms, pls be strong, pls keep the faith... that's all we all have now... u will be missed my dear boy, yes, very much...

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