Friday, May 2, 2008

How to move on? Sometimes Life gives us a kick in the ...

I have been deliberating and debating with myself whether I should do it. I did it for Facebook and there has been no complaints or spam. Well yesterday, I had a 'sign' that things cannot be kept frozen. I updated the software for Reuben's handphone which I am using now -after paying Sony money to unlock the psw, and found that everything was gone. Fortunately, I had backed up the contacts and pictures etc, but the record of sms and calls to and from him was GONE.
I have been holding on to them, afraid to erase them but now I have no choice.

Someone close said that "I'm afraid that I will forget Reuben." I want to do this to keep the memory of Reuben alive, to remind myself and others of the love that Reuben had for his mother, family, friends and everyone he came in contact with.

I also want to help people know and enjoy his music, cuz the new pple who hear his music are touched by it. It uplifts and inspires them. It comforts and calms them.

Yes Reuben my son, you have composed songs which are helping people when they are stressed, sad and lonely. And your life and music will continue to help people to "expect more of themselves". You have succeeded in a small way to impact many people's lives.

Freddie Kee
(Reuben's dad)

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