Friday, May 2, 2008

Strange birthday

I remember years ago, when Reuben's mom bought me tickets to the musical Phantom of the Opera to celebrate my birthday. This year, on April 26th, we went to a film screening of 'To Speak' with over 50 of family and friends, to listen to the music that Reuben wrote for the film. There was a reception afterwards and several people came to say that the music was wonderful and that by writing the music for the film, Reuben was helping to raise funds for Tabitha International to help the many poor Cambodians.

In some way it was a "interesting" celebration for my birthday on April 29th.
The numbers are also interesting.
I was born in '54, it was my 54th birthday and it was exactly 5 months and 4 days
after Reuben was found in Cambodia on November 25th 2007.

Yesterday, I attempted again to clear some of Reuben's belongings.
Some things we know we want to keep, like his medals and his oars
but others I can't bear to get rid off.
Still I managed to pack all his army stuff into his army bag. Hopefully some of the young people will help me bring it down to the recycle area on Sunday.

I tried to give away his hamster cage and accessories but no takers. Then someone offered to buy them at around $20. But somehow we did not want to sell. Maybe because it became a commercial transaction and his things are too precious to sell. Strange logic.

I remember someone asked for Reuben's dragonboat id-tag but when I asked to see the person, he didn't respond. Well, I was wearing the id-tag on a few occasions, to keep Reuben close to my heart.
Freddie Kee
(Reuben's dad)

btw there are still some copies of the limited edition CD of Reu's music from the film (with a tribute to Reuben + bonus music with Shimona singing). If you are interested, send an email to asap to book a copy.

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