Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life back to "normal"

Just after we said farewell to Reuben, someone asked me, "Well Freddie, everything back to normal?". Can life be normal again when u have lost your only son? A son is supposed to bury his father and not the other way round. Every now and then I question God why? And then I put my heart in His hands to trust Him, to remember that this life is not the life that God meant for us to live. God wanted us to live forever, in love, without pain and suffering and sorrow (and stress).

Today I finally used up the tube of Loreal hair gel that Reuben liked to 'use' sometimes. He also liked to use the Spalding shampoo that I had. It will disappear from my bathroom because he would borrow it to use after his training. I love that shampoo and so did he. But I don't use it daily now because I cannot find it in the shops and ...

Anyway, God is taking care of us. I quit my "paid" volunteer work Dec 1st 2007, and have been trying to go back to my financial consultancy work. It has been hard to start up the 'work' motor. But yesterday and today, 3 of my clients actually contacted me so...

I managed to pass my CEHA exam last year, so I am hoping for some work opportunites there.
Yesterday I went to donate blood (I am a regular blood donor, I donate 3 to 4 times a year) and someone there introduced a potential client to me.

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