Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Six months on, life goes on but ...

Last Friday was the 6 month anniversary of Reuben's departure. The family still misses him dearly. Life goes on, but somehow things are no longer the same...

I have to make sure that I don't listen to 'sad' music, especially when I am alone in the car, else the tears start to come. I wish I had spent more time with Reuben, to know him better. To tell him that I am proud of him and that I love him.

The Shi Tsu puppy we bought helps to cheer us up a bit cuz she is so lovable and intelligent.
Ha, the one time mummy gave Reuben a hair cut, she used our dearly departed poodle Muffin's hair shaver. Reuben had bought his own hair shaver and used to give his team mates a hair cut at our house. Now I am using his shaver to trim our new dog's hair. Tit-for-tat eh?
We named the puppy Clavi, after Reuben's Clavinova. She is a clever dog, very intelligent, playful and very sociable.

The SSC called yesterday and said that the inquiry results will be out on Friday.
Somehow, it makes me feel uneasy. They asked me if we want to meet the press, but I said no.
I am afraid that I will become angry and bitter if the inquiry's conclusions do not meet my expectations. I have been saying that it was an accident and that we should not 'blame' anyone. But my son (and 4 others) are gone, and somehow, someone must accept the responsibility for their deaths.

It pains my heart to see Reuben's mom cry each time she misses him. Her health has suffered and her asthma from 20 years ago has come back. Reu's sister has been strong, but I know she misses him very much.

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tengboche said...

Dear Sir

I can only imagine the pain you and your family are still going through.

I am not one who takes "bad news" well and thus I usually avoid reading about them. When a friend repeatedly forwarded me the link to your blog, I got the message that I should open it.

Saying good bye and letting go must be one of the most difficult things one have to go through.

Please take care.

Cher Chong

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