Friday, June 6, 2008

Closure? More Pain, More Questions

So the Safety Inquiry report is out. So is the response from the SDBA.
The Today paper weekend edition however aptly proclaims the status.
"Dragon Boat Tragedy: Questions remain. see online at

Seems that no one is to be blamed. Nothing could have been done to avoid this unfortunate accident???

Just like ST Friday June 6th. Open verdict on teens who died in crash.
A sports car carrying two teenagers crashed and burst into flames along Sixth Avenue in the early hours or Aug 25 last year. "They could have been in high spirits, and may have been enjoying the sensation of high speed, and a momentary distraction could have caused the accident." STATE CORONOR VICTOR YEO,
In the case of our National Dragon Boat Team, it seems that no one is willing to say that they failed to do what needed to be done.

from the ST forum June 3rd,2008.
"The inquiry panel failed to take action against those accountable who placed our Singapore youth at risk."
Ms Caron Chan: "When it comes to problems, we dig at the roots and find out what went wrong. This time, however, we dug into what happened in Cambodia that caused five deaths, but came up with no firm suggestions except to affirm some basic safety procedures which should have been in place since we started sending teams to competitions overseas."

One of the SI panel's findings was The Low Safety Awareness of all involved.
My question is WHO is responsible to ensure the safety awareness of the team?
Why weren't the IDBF's
Water Safety Policy followed before Nov 2007?
(International Dragon Boat Federation see

Someone needs to ensure that there is no lapse in following the IDBF guidelines from now on.
Not just for the National Team but also all Dragon Boat teams (schools etc).

Find out why the IDBF want teams to practise Capsize drills.
Perhaps it is because races are held in open water and/or with non-standard dragon boats, where there is a possibility of capsizing?
The officials must find a safe way to practise capsize drills.
Maybe the SDBF can bring in a typical non-standard/traditional boat used in overseas races?

Should our rowers bring along their Personal Flotation Aids (LIFE VESTS) and also their oars (if those in the competition are of different sizes)?? What needs to be done to make sure our children come home safely to us??

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