Monday, September 17, 2007

Power down.

Blackout for most of the day today. Sucks.

I swear I spent like 30 minutes walking back and forth from my room to the kitchen over and over again thinking of what to do before going to gym.

Can't facebook, can't battle stations, can't dota, can't work on music, can't check emails, can't play piano, can't watch tv, can't play ps3, wtf yes I'm a closeted nerd though I don't look like one.

Mom's scary, she can cook rice with just fire. Its like something out of survivor or something. I think I'm too dependent on the rice cooker, or electricity for that matter.

Went to Nexgen's industrial gathering on friday evening. Made me realize jut how small the gaming industry is in Singapore. Even more weird that none of my previous course mates from game design are in the industry yet. Either ran off elsewhere or are still studying somehow. So now I'm working with my previous lecturers and etc, sorta like I jumped grade which is cool because previously I would submit assignments late just to go for training.

After that team Tyler went to SMU to play DOTA. It really is quite scary playing dota with game designers sometimes. Some are so meticulous about gameplay mechanics you just don't want to be in the same lane as them when you are in opposite teams. Even more scary was the occasional student around campus still working on some project.

Hope this weekend's race will go better.

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