Saturday, September 15, 2007

Let tomorrow never come

Today's race was the most exciting in a long time to say the least, in the way that it was quite dramatic.

Though it sucks like the feeling that you know that you got an A on the exam, but ended up getting a C because you were looking at the wrong question numbers or something.

We got the best timing. Sometimes the end of the dream that we want isn't as important as the dream itself.

I hope that the dream will not end tomorrow.

The power to change things is too far away for us. I don't know how many will still be around for it. How nice it would be to have the equipment and training methodologies that will bring us to world class status come right here right now. But all big changes take time. Even more so when you are trying to build a fund for those big changes.

Every team was a simulation to bug test a few aspects of the program. The one that I know will work for our guys in our situations and lifestyles. There's no point trying to train like the overseas teams. The way most of them do is quite primitive in comparison.

I just don't know if these guys will be around for that day when we'll finally stand proud.

There are many in it who have grown so much, who really know what it means to be in a team.

Thats the beauty of the sport, it helps people grow and learn so much.

That big headed junior whom I led around and taught how to gym and trained with is still searching for that one thing, but he now knows that he doesn't have to search alone.

The bug teethed senior who only wanted to prove himself now knows how to take care of his juniors and sacrifice things for his team mates.

That quiet crazy guy who just trained like a madman and shut up now knows what to say to his team and understands them beyond the point of having to use force or emotion.

That easy going, happy go lucky guy now knows how to serious up and commit emotionally to a situation that he sets his mind on.

That big ogre who didn't dare push himself far now has overcome is internal obstacles and in so doing overcome his greatest obstacles.

The one who was always overcome by his emotions who was stopped by barriers set by someone to overcome to make him stronger now is aware of and control those emotions, and he is beginning to see those barriers for what they are.

There are still so many who are at the beginning stages.

So many who have yet to realize what they are capable of.

Will it be here or elsewhere?

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