Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We the victims of Singapore

A familiar word today at the meeting made me realize how different things are now from last time.

9 years ago I remember what it was like being under the Spex 2000 and eventually spex 21 schemes.

We were identified as high performance athletes, the talented in our sport out of the multitude.

I remember the privileges, schemes and programs for us. The top coaches flown specially from overseas to provide us with new insight on training, technique, methods and psyche. The cluster training programs, the combined training programs.

We looked at each other in reverence for just making the team. All of us knew what was expected out of all it, but it was never about national pride or representing the country, we were taught to just take one fight at a time, and constantly improve ourselves no matter what.

We didn't have to worry about anything other than that, because a solid system was set out specifically for the optimal development of us, the athletes.

Today the sport is so different, the support is also so different.

Although I do agree that most of it back then we felt was quite unnecessary, some programs did in fact help a lot. Screw the money and training facilities crap. So what if they payed our school fees back then? Government already subsidizes so much. We didn't need fancy facilities or nutrition or psychology nonsense.

Its support in the form of training programs, cluster training programs, overseas training programs, exposure to other team trainings and coaches that the committee can help with.

Some of the guys think that its about the money for all of them. Maybe it is for one, and he managed to pull off alot of nonsense behind their backs, but the new guy has done one thing right in such short amount of time. He's managed to get the Major's proactive support at last to take a seat in the committee. Can't blame the guys, since every cent matters to them so much at the moment, but for the new committee, I highly doubt that an extra couple hundred a month would even tickle their fancy.

Its weird finally meeting one of the founding legends of the sport at last. Hearing of all he's done, I can't help but be skeptical of him. But hearing him out today makes me wonder if it really is possible for him to be all that he's made out to be. Although something about him is off.

Money is the least of evils for some people. We'll just have to wait and see.

Regardless, everything possible has been laid out for the team already. Everything we need is here at last.

The rest is up to us from here. In terms of chances and support, we are far more fortunate than 2 years ago. But I wonder how many will give up the victim's mentality?


What's really amazing is how one can talk about the development of a team when he fails to foresee and ensure the development of his own team.

Talk about tone deaf.

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