Wednesday, September 12, 2007

work work

I was so not looking forward to today because it was going to be so busy.

But when I went to rehearsal and everyone was insanely overly appreciative of my little work, the fever didn't seem so bad (note this was the point when the panadol probably kicked in)

And when I heard Sha sing "Back Home" after I had finished teaching her the new songs, and I felt her emotion in the song, I felt everything that I wanted to portray in the song but couldn't feel at the time. Its a magical feeling every time a singer manages to feel the melody and lyrics to your song and sings it out.

I'm loving my job more and more each day.

Was talking to a taxi driver on the way to training in the evening. He brought up the subject of working in Singapore. Of the stress, demands, but on thing he couldn't take was having to suck up to the boss.

Perhaps for some people it goes too much against their pride. Smarter people will know to play the fool to catch one. And smoke office politics to their advantage. I'm lucky to be able to not give too much of a shit about that, because a composer has a right to be emotionally engaged in his work. Though I try my best to conform to the team of directors at times, I think that I can be quite demanding.

Sometimes Ruby complains when I'm too adamant about some things in the score, but in the end they see the reason for it, like today when the cast came back with such awesome choreo to one of the scenes. She's slowly trusting my lead, I just hope that I don't lead us all into a ditch.

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